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Presents the best solution in designing and developing computer programs, database, electronic marketing, providing programs and solutions for electronic deals, creating and making programs of computer network systems, internet networks, providing solutions to protect programs information with technical preparation in cooperation with experts in all domains and strategic partners.


We concern to protect the original products and trademarks from cheating, imitation and help the consumer to identify these products through the use of this technology in a few seconds.

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IMPUCT application is one of Imprint product service, which developed to help owners of trademarks and original commodities from cheating and imitation. After subscribing in the service, authorizing company account, this will let consumers to get digital fingerprint for each product in the shape of (bar Code) which labeled in each piece of the product. After examining the Bar Code through applying (IMPUCT) data of product will appear.

Clients can verify the original product quickly and easily after downloading the application on the smart sets, when they communicate the internet, through opening the application, passing the camera on bar code. Then, Bar Code will be sent to database, receiving the result directly which includes product origin, manufacturing country, period of guarantee, and helping them in recognizing the product, making match between the image and the data which being examined.

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This service provided through direct registration in the companies location, owners of trademarks, manufactures, commercial agents, and individuals who have private products. After making sure of authenticity of the provided information that approved by competent bodies, contract signed, paying subscription fees, activating subscriber account, and presenting training on using the program.

Special control panel in the name of the user and pass word, with feature of double verification through which may enter the website.

Adding products and their data by the company and under its responsibility.

Receiving reports about their products through their sites as number of sold products and sale zones.

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